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Chinese Neutron Scattering Society (CNSS) was formally established as a branch of the Chinese Physical Society in 2012, linked to Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). CNSS is a member of Asia-Oceania Neutron Scattering Association (AONSA), and also is an academic organization of Chinese scientists and users who engaged in the research and application of neutron-scattering sciences. The mission of the society are to promote the neutron scattering sciences ......

China Spallation Neutron Source(CSNS)

China Spallation Neutron Source locates at Dongguan, Guangdong province. It is about 85 km from Guangzhou and about 125 km from Hongkong. CSNS is a new branch of Institute of High Energy Physics(IHEP) of the Chinese Academy of Science(CAS), and the first large scientific facility in the south China.

CSNS consists of an H- linac, a proton rapid cycling, a tungsten target, three first-phase instruments and corresponding facilities. It is designed to accelerate proton beam pulses to 1.6 GeV......

China Advanced Research Reactor(CARR)

The China Advanced Research Reactor (CARR) is a high-flux and multipurpose research reactor, located at the campus of China Institute of Atomic Energy(CIAE) in Beijing. It is a tank-in-pool inverse neutrontrap type reactor with a power of 60MW. The peak flux in a heavy-water reflector is about 8.0×10^14 n/cm2/s. It has 9 horizontal beam tubes and 25 vertical channels. A liquid D2 cold neutron source will be equipped in 2015. Cold neutrons would be transferred to the neutron guide hall (30×60 m2) via 4 neutron guides. CARR went first critical on May 13th 2010 and reached the full power for 72 hours on March 13th 2012. Now it is waiting for the official permission to start the regular operation...... 

China Mianyang Research Reactor(CMRR)

The China Mianyang Research Reactor (CMRR) with the power of 20 MW is located in the NP campus of Institute of Nuclear Physics and Chemistry, Mianyang city, Sichuan Province. It was open to users officially from 2012, including the thermal and cold neutron halls. The liquid hydrogen cold neutron source began to work from September 2013. The measured thermal and cold fluxes for neutron scattering experiments are 2.4×10^14 n/cm2·s and 10^9 n/cm2·s, respectively......

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